For more information on volunteer opportunities or other ways of getting involved, please email us at

10 Ways to Get Involved:


Do you enjoy writing? Each month we have so many student successes and upcoming activities that we want to share with our supporters and community. The time commitment is as little as two hours per month and requires no travel. Email and video conferencing abilities are needed.


Do you enjoy photography or videography? We need volunteers to creatively capture the work that we are doing and the amazing students we serve?


Do you live for social media? We need volunteers with that special marketing flair to post the content created by our writers, photographers, and videographers on our social media sites. If posting content isn’t your think, please follow our pages and like and share our content.


Do you like event planning? We are building our calendar of events so that we can share our mission with the community and recognize and reward the students we serve. Volunteers are needed for each of our event to assist with all aspects of organizing and executing the event. Volunteers can choose one event per year and their level of involvement.


Does your community or organization want to engage in our local community in an impactful way? You can organize a drive to provide much needed academic or living essentials to our students.


Does your organization need interns, part-time staff, or recent college graduates for full-time positions? Our students have developed uncommon spirit and drive to succeed, and they demonstrate real loyalty and appreciation of those who help them along the way.


Do you enjoy entertaining activities that make a meaningful impact in our community? That’s great! Join our mailing list and attend our events.


Were you the editor of your high school newspaper or do you enjoy creating layout and content for e-newsletters? We need volunteers to create the layout and content for our e-newsletter which is distributed three times per year. If you are not into creating content, stay up to date on all Champions activities by signing up for our newsletter and sharing it with your friends and family.


Do you have experience in writing standard operating procedures? We would be thrilled to give you an opportunity to put your experience to work. We are a new organization and need volunteers to help with developing documentation for our processes and procedures.


Do you have experience in reviewing resumes or coaching for interviews? We need professionals to work one-on-one with our students to prepare them for the job search process.