Coronavirus Response


Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus Response 768 384 Champions Empowering Champions

Champions continues to assist its student members during this complex time. Given the difficulties created by the Covid-19 virus, our student population unfortunately is disproportionately disadvantaged. Our volunteers and board members are therefore engaged in assisting our students to weather this storm as best as possible. This crisis makes our efforts that much more important.

The Champions Board of Directors is meeting on weekly conference calls to plan and direct our activities. Each board member is also reaching out on at least a weekly basis for check-ins with every student. Although we are not able to hold our traditional squad night activities, we have been able to leverage video-conferencing technology to hold Squad Nights with all volunteers and students. We have also begun to setup contingency plans due to the volatility of the pandemic. Remote collaboration software and video conferencing solutions are being evaluated so that the Champions program can continue to provide the necessary workshops and platform capabilities to the Student Champions. Our organization will continue responding to any emergency needs of our students, whether it be a student who needs companionship while ill or setting up a virtual doctor appointment for a student who was injured. Champions is also assisting students by connecting them with resources in the community and serving the technological needs of students needing laptops by connecting them with the necessary resources at FAU.

Even though we are all experiencing a historic shift in how we conduct our daily lives, Champions will not allow these circumstances to deter us from our vision of supporting our students to continue their college experience safely and successfully.