Student Spotlight: Dasia

Student Spotlight: Dasia

Student Spotlight: Dasia 768 384 Champions Empowering Champions

Dasia Drew began her college education at Florida Atlantic University in 2018 as a freshman majoring in Commercial Music with a concentration in Composition. After one year, Dasia earned enough credits to be classified as a junior and is on track to complete her undergraduate degree in under three years.

Dasia is an exceptionally well-rounded student with passion for composing music as well as performing music in the notable Florida Atlantic Marching Owls and Wind Ensemble. In spite of a challenging academic and co-curricular schedule, Dasia works an average of thirty-hours per week at Five-Guys. Her work ethic and leadership earned her a promotion to crew leader in near record time.

Dasia also serves on the Champions Empowering Champions Advisory Board where she represents the students’ perspective and interests. Dasia commented, “Champions’ focus on the future, rather than the past, and the respect they show for what we [the students] have accomplished made me want to be a part of this organization. Champions activities and support will help us succeed in college and be prepared for life after we graduate.”

Dasia plans to become a producer in music and a film score composer after she graduates FAU. In the long run, she aspires to start her own record label and publish music.